The Eye of the Secret Realm Friends of Humanity Calendar丨White Pheasant: Feather as white as brocade

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The boar is down! “Monkey Paper” has arrived on my balcony! News of wild animals coming to the city is popping up on social media. In fact, we are surrounded by so many native wild animals that we know very little about. With understanding, friendship, and companionship, all things can live in harmony with each other, and cultivate in their own way. Xinhua Daily·Meeting Point, together with Jiangsu Wildlife Conservation Station, Jiangsu Forestry Research Institute, Nanjing Hongshan Forest Zoo, etc., launched the “Eye of Mystery · Friends of Humanity” calendar column, which will take you through infrared cameras, animal observers, etc. From the perspective of etc., to pay attention to the familiar and mysterious “animal neighbors”. Biodiversity is the basis of survival and vitality of the human homeland. Every solar term, we will also invite the solar term official to make a special recommendation and broadcast on that day. Today, let’s get to know the white pheasant together.

Its nickname is “Silver Chicken”

White feathers, fiery red face, slender tail feathers… This kind of “fairy fluttering” bird is called the white pheasant. The other name of the white pheasant is “silver chicken”. Indeed, whether it is a short stout beak or an eye-catching crest, it can be seen that it belongs to the chicken category. The male and female pheasants are different in appearance. The male bird has a white upper body with dense black stripes, a thick and dense filament-like blue-black crest on the back of the head, and a red-red face. The female is brown throughout, with a nearly black crest.

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What habit does it have?

The white pheasant inhabits evergreen broad-leaved forests and valley rainforests, and likes to eat insects, plant stems and leaves, fruits and seeds. Usually, they live in pairs or in small groups of 3-6. White pheasants rarely take off, and in emergencies, they fly to trees to avoid danger. During breeding, pheasants build nests on the ground or in grass with dead grass, leaves, pine needles and feathers.

What is the story of the white pheasant?

The image of the white pheasant is high and clean. Therefore, some honest officials who advocated morality and morality in ancient times liked to call themselves the white pheasant. The great poet Li Bai also loves white pheasants very much, and once wrote a poem “Giving Hugong Hu of Huangshan to ask for white pheasants”. When describing the posture of the white pheasant, he wrote: “The white pheasant is as white as brocade, and the face of white snow is shameful.” In just a few strokes, the image of a solitary and beautiful white pheasant emerges on the paper, which is also in secret with Li Bai’s own character.

Written by: Jin Yiwei

Editor: Ge Yitan

Image: Photo courtesy of Jiangsu Academy of Forestry Science Wang Xuan

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