The first coronavirus vaccine today in Turkey

Breaking news .. participating in vaccine trials in Turkey as of today. Health Minister Fahrettin husband, in his statement to the previously announced it would be some work done in the world including Turkey. Clinical stage in Turkey said it would be included in the vaccination study. Today, he’s one of the studies, including Turkey.

CNN Türk reporter Duygu Ayaz Bayram quoted the following information:

“China along with Brazil, Indonesia, Bangledeş than 10 thousand people applied in many countries, including vaccine made today. As of today, also begins in Turkey.

Vaccination studies will first start with healthcare professionals. The vaccine made today will be administered once more to the same people after 14 days.

The important thing is to apply 2 doses of vaccine. In this context, it is planned to be applied to 1200-1300 healthcare workers within 10 days.

The results after 14 days will be shared with the World Health Organization (WHO).


After the vaccinations are given to healthcare professionals, there will be a break. Afterwards, this vaccine is planned to be given to the applicants on a voluntary basis.

It is aimed to vaccinate 13 thousand people with chronic diseases.

It will be implemented within the framework of the protocols signed by the Ministry of Health. The Ministry of Health also signed protocols regarding the work in England, Germany and Russia. “



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