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The United States and the European Union are looking at how to improve the food supply chain. (Image credit: Getty Images)
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[See China, May 17, 2022](See a comprehensive report by Chinese reporter Wen Long) The Indian government issued an order announcing an immediate ban on wheat exports, which will exacerbate the global food crisis. The EU trade chief said the United States and the European Union were looking at how to improve the food supply chain, and the United States urged India to lift its ban on wheat exports.
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G7 foreign ministers have warned that Russia’s attack on Ukraine increases the risk of a global food crisis, as Ukraine has been unable to export grain, fertilizer and vegetable oil because of the war, which has also destroyed crops in the fields and made the normal planting season impossible. start. Russia has also restricted agricultural exports.

The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations has warned that a global food crisis is imminent. Russia is the world’s largest wheat exporter, and Ukraine is the fifth largest wheat exporter. These two countries account for 19% of the global barley market, 14% of wheat and 4% of corn. Russia and Ukraine export more grain than global exports. The export volume of sunflower oil in Russia and Ukraine accounted for 52% of the global market. In addition, Russia is a major fertilizer producer and exporter in the world.

On May 16, the US commercial television channel CNBC reported that this situation has increased the dependence on food products from other countries in the world. But several of these countries have decided to restrict food exports due to concerns about food supplies for their own populations.

India suddenly announced a ban on wheat exports on May 13, expressing its guarantee of India’s overall food security. This further exacerbates widespread global fears of a food crisis. Earlier, Indonesia on April 22 ordered a ban on palm oil exports to curb rising domestic edible oil prices.

On May 17, according to the Voice of America report, the EU’s executive vice president for economic policy, Trade Commissioner Valdis Dombrovskis, said that these export restrictions are a matter of great concern.

Dombrovskis said the EU agreed with the United States on cooperating and coordinating the handling of food supplies, as some countries began to export their food in response to rising food prices and food security concerns in response to Russia’s attack on Ukraine. restrictive measures. This trend can only exacerbate the food supply problem.

The U.S. ambassador to the United Nations, Linda Thomas-Greenfield, said on May 16 on the eve of a Security Council meeting on food security that the United States encouraged these countries not to restrict exports because it would exacerbate food shortages. She said she hoped India would listen to the concerns raised by other countries and reconsider the position. The United States holds the rotating presidency of the Security Council in May.

“AFP” reported that US Secretary of State Blinken is expected to chair another UN meeting on food security on May 18. The purpose of the meeting is to bring the concerned countries together to discuss how to fill the shortage of wheat supplies caused by Russia’s attack on Ukraine, and to determine which countries need help.

UN Secretary-General Gutierrez said last week in Vienna that he was seriously concerned about the hunger problems faced by different parts of the world due to the dire food security problems caused by the Russian-Ukrainian war.

He said that in addition to keeping the market open, avoiding export bans and fully intervening in the market to drive down food prices, he believes that the global food shortage problem cannot be solved if Ukrainian food cannot return to the market, and fertilizers produced in Russia and Belarus cannot return to the market. .

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