the governor’s call to order

The governor of the Province of Liège has issued a police order which maintains the various Covid measures currently in force throughout the province. It is also a question here of a call to order of the public, these measures not being respected any more whereas the contamination figures in several municipalities of this province are very high.

The main measures concern respect for social distancing and the wearing of masks in all areas and events frequented by large audiences, but also in shops, HoReCa and other places.

The governor also recalls that the mayors also have the possibility of going further in the measures in force on their territory. A new meeting of the provincial crisis unit will take place later this week to determine if these measures are sufficient. in view of the figures linked to the health crisis.

Friday, the consultation committee had decided on a federal measure maintaining the wearing of masks, especially during events of more than 500 people indoors, but no longer necessarily in shops for example. The Brussels Region has already said that it would keep the mask in shops and in hotels. But Wallonia has not yet spoken. The Liège measures therefore go further since they will also apply to businesses and to private or public events of less than 200 people indoors and less than 400 people outdoors.

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