the Incest Commission calls on victims to testify

“You are no longer alone, we believe you”. The Incest Commission is launching a telephone platform on Tuesday to collect the voices of victims of sexual violence in childhood and draw inspiration from their experiences to define tools to protect children.

“I was seven, he was 63. He was my grandfather. Today I testify for myself, but also to protect children from sexual violence.” The singer Mai Lan, like the television host Flavie Flament or the rugby player Sébastien Boueilh, will call the victims to testify in a communication campaign to publicize this telephone line which will be put into service on Tuesday at 10 am.

The line 0805 802 804 will be open between 10 a.m. and 7 p.m. Another number, 0800 100 811, is adapted to Overseas timetables.

Victims will also find the modalities for testifying in writing on the website of the (, Independent Commission on Incest and Sexual Violence against Children, under the aegis of the Secretary of State for Children, or ask to be received by it.

According to the 2015 national Virage survey, 14.5% of women and 4% of men have suffered sexual violence in their lifetime. More than half of women and two-thirds of men have experienced such violence before the age of 18.

By calling this dedicated number, victims “will be heard by experienced listeners, able to decipher the mechanisms of sexual violence and the aggressor’s strategy, who know the traumatic impact they have. Listeners who can guide them if they need help, psychological, social or legal, “Edouard Durand, co-president of Ciivise, told AFP.

“The listener will have the ability to assess the emotional state of the person testifying, because it is an important moment, even if the facts took place 40 or 50 years ago”, adds Mr. Durand, judge. children for 17 years.

“It is now possible to treat psychotrauma, with specialized care, instead of treating the symptoms for life. Victims say that it has changed their lives,” he said.

Victims will also be offered to complete a questionnaire developed with researchers to document the mechanisms of sexual violence, their impact including in adulthood, and the social and legal responses that have been given. All this will feed the work of the Ciivise which will advocate by 2023 a public policy to meet the needs of victims.

– Where’s the shock –

La Ciivise was launched in January in the wake of the publication of “La familia grande” by Camille Kouchner, who accused her father-in-law, political scientist Olivier Duhamel, of raping his twin brother. The book of the daughter of the former minister Bernard Kouchner had caused a shock wave, causing thousands of testimonies on the social networks under the hashtag #MeTooInceste.

“We are here. We are listening to you. We believe you. And you will never be alone again. (…) Shame today changes sides,” President Emmanuel Macron declared in January, rejoicing that “the word, everywhere in France, is released “and promising” to adapt our law to better protect children “.

Co-chaired by Nathalie Mathieu, director general of the Docteurs Bru association, made up of magistrates, lawyers, members of the police, researchers, psychologists or pediatricians, the Ciivise’s mission is to collect the words of incest victims, to better understand the scope and the driving forces of the phenomenon, and to formulate recommendations for public action.

“The victims have often spoken to their relatives, at school, sometimes without being believed. We tell them: + You are no longer alone, we believe you +”. This time their word is believed, heard, taken into account by a public body and it will help to build a policy of protection of the victims “, explains Judge Durand.

From October 20, the members of the Incest Commission will go every month to the country to meet the victims and raise awareness among the population, by organizing public meetings, and by consulting professionals, judges, doctors, social services, police forces. order, institutions, looking for “good practices” to tackle these problems.

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