The industry is pleased with the permission to use the GI symbol on the “Government Lottery”

The industry is pleased to allow the use of the GI symbol on the “government lottery” or “lottery” that is environmentally friendly. Behind the lottery printing house passed the green industry criteria

On 18 January 65, Mr. Kobchai Sangsittisawad Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Industry revealed that Ministry of Industrypromote the place Operate business that is environmentally friendly according to the guidelinesgreen industry (Green Industry) in line with the BCG model, which is a holistic economic development in 3 areas, consisting of

  • Bio Economy
  • Circular Economy
  • Green Economy

To elevate the Thai industrial sector to the international level under environmentally friendly and safe business practices with the community, further enhancing the country’s economic development to grow stably and sustainably according to the Ministry of Industry’s Green Economy Driving Goal.

by implementing the projectgreen industryThe goal is to raise the level of factory operators. All enter the green industry in 2025, including a reduction of 2.30 million tons of greenhouse gas emissions, carbon dioxide equivalent. The printing houseGovernment Lottery Officeparticipated in the upgrading of the green industry according to the criteria of the Ministry of Industry since the past 2020

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Wanchai Phanomchai, director-general of the Department of Industrial Works (GRT), said Government Lottery Office printing house Has been assessed in accordance with the Ministry of Industry’s criteria until certified “Green Industry Level 3” or Green System on June 28, 2021, which represents a systematic environmental management. There is a follow-up evaluation. and reviewing environmental issues for continuous development

For enterprises that have received green industry certification level 2 or higher, can use the green industry logo to be published on products to communicate with consumers, thus enabling printing officesgovernment lotteryApply for a permit from the Ministry industry to bring the green industry logo published ongovernment lottery or “lottery” Starting from the prize draw on January 17, 2022 To show that it is an environmentally friendly establishment.

At the same time, it also shows the social responsibility of “Government Lottery” which is a product of the printing houseGovernment Lottery Office And in the year 2022, NESDB invites enterprises to participate in the project to assess the requested establishment. Compare or promote to a green industry

Focus on green industry level 3, green system (Green System), green industry level 4, green culture (Green Culture) and green industry level 5, green network (Green Network) to raise the level of promotion and Develop the industry to be certified systematic green industry


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