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Original title: Japan’s Senate election starts, the ruling and opposition parties compete to manipulate Taiwan issues

  Reference News Network reported on June 23 According to Taiwan’s “Liberty Times” website reported on June 23, Japan’s Senate election announced on the 22nd, scheduled to vote on the 10th of next month. This year, the Liberal Democratic Party, the Japan Restoration Association and the Constitutional Democratic Party, the three ruling and opposition parties, have all included the Taiwan issue in the Senate election convention.

This Senate election is also the first national election of Kishida Fumio’s cabinet since it hit the road last year, and is regarded as the “mid-term exam” of Kishida’s cabinet.

The report claims that after the conflict between Russia and Ukraine, the security of the Taiwan region has received great attention, and the security of East Asia and the issue of “something in Taiwan” have also received great attention from the Japanese people.

The Liberal Democratic Party clearly stated in last year’s House Election Pact that it would strengthen cooperation with the United States, Australia, India, Europe, ASEAN, Pacific Island countries and Taiwan and other countries and regions to achieve a “free and open Indo-Pacific”. The Senate Election Pact also maintained this policy.

The Japan Restoration Association made it clear that in order to strengthen Japan-Taiwan relations, it will formulate a Japanese version of the “Taiwan Relations Act”, with the goal of concluding the so-called “Japan-Taiwan Free Trade Agreement”.

The largest opposition party, the Cadets, also mentioned in the pact that, in order to avoid “things in Taiwan,” not only Japan and the United States, but also the “ASEAN 10+3” (ASEAN, Japan, China, and South Korea) should set up an international conference organization for security cooperation.

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China has repeatedly responded to some Japanese politicians’ manipulation of the Taiwan issue. Earlier, Zhu Fenglian, a spokesperson for the Taiwan Affairs Office of the State Council, pointed out that some people in the Japanese political circles have been clamoring for “continuous attention to the peace and stability of the Taiwan Strait,” saying that Japan bears historical responsibility for the Chinese people on the Taiwan issue, and should be more cautious in words and deeds, especially Deeply reflect on history, earnestly abide by the spirit of the four political documents between China and Japan, do not support “Taiwan independence” elements, and stop provoking troubles.

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