The laurel in the Mediterranean is left without artificial hair and eyelashes

“Who would have thought to go swimming with a full face of cosmetics and attached hair that stays wet and heavy really can’t. The water wasn’t distinctly turquoise, but it was the purest water I’ve been in. Abnormally cool, unrealistically salty water,” says beauty. Laura’s travel companions Magone Šutoviene and Lauris Reinik also have an opinion on what they saw: “Girls now have a lot of excess – well, no silicone and hanging ass, but excess hair at the age of 19. Eyelashes, something else. Well, do you need it?” determines the star of the show “Celebrities. Without filter” Magone. In turn, Lauris Reiniks hurried to comfort Laura, saying that even without artificial eyelashes she looks very good.

One day each to surprise fellow travelers. Which of the celebrities will delight their travel companions with the most interesting entertainment program, the most delicious food and the day full of emotions? Which of them will earn the opportunity to go on the next “Four in a Suitcase” tour? Laughter, misunderstandings, great company and exciting adventures together with musician and presenter Lauri Reinikas, the personality of the show “Celebrities. Without Filter” Magoni Šutoviena, restaurant “Hercogs” restaurant Andris Rūmīte and Laura Ķīsi or Laurlāci – watch the show on Saturday, September 11, not only 360TV, youtube account Holiday TV, but also 1188 Play!

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