The “Lille disease” panics the social networks: we explain this seasonal phenomenon to you

Would a new virus attack the Métropole de Lille at the start of the school year? Designated as the “Lille disease” on social networks, this epidemic in fact signals the return of the usual diseases in this season. Angina and tracheitis in the lead according to city doctors.

Lille disease, which social networks (Tik Tok and Twitter in particular) have widely echoed for the past two weeks, is not the new variant of Covid-19. People suffering from this mysterious disease spread on the networks to the point of having baptized their symptoms with the name of “Lille disease”. Everyone wonders how they were contaminated: after going to a nightclub or a student party, list CNEWS.

It’s been 2 weeks I hear about “Lille disease” I said to myself they are crazy to believe that there are only Lille who are sick like that. I was in Lille Tuesday evening for the match, Sick since Wednesday morning… Karma is back ud83d ude2d

– pounet (@ Pounet59) September 16, 2021

Lille in complete freewheeling: there are a lot of people who have had a sore throat in Lille for 2 weeks and I just discovered that they had called it “Lille disease”. Medicine in pls.

— Maud and WIP (@MSVK) September 17, 2021

still not recovered from Lille disease

— colonel albyoncé (@Alby_Cdmn) September 19, 2021

have Lille disease, and you?

— pepette on fire (@cvrentxn) September 17, 2021

“We note a return of seasonal viruses”

However, the symptoms mentioned are not as serious as a sore throat for example. Sophie Prévot, general practitioner in the city center, provided details to our colleagues from the Voix du Nord. “We note a return of the usual seasonal viruses. Young people are particularly affected, because they have resumed lessons, are starting to mix again, with integration evenings, the resumption of associations. It’s really business as usual. viruses are not badder this year. “

People with this disease performed a PCR test to make sure it was not Covid: the result was negative. When others fuel the rumor by evoking a new variant: Masséna …

With the decline of barrier gestures such as wearing a mask, seasonal viruses take advantage of this to come back in force …

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