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Even an electric car pioneer will get big eyes!

On Monday evening, car designer René Renger (36) and car mechanic Marcus Weidig (33) from Braunschweig rushed into the “Lions Cave” with a particularly futuristic vehicle. Your “Novus 1” e-motorcycle is an absolute do-it-yourself product, sustainable and quiet.

The two had worked on it for years: “We made the first components in the oven and in the sauna.” They put everything on one card – and have already quit their jobs for their dream.

After Marcus roared through the studio on the new type of motorcycle, there was no stopping the lions. Formula 1 professional Nico Rosberg (36) exclaimed a loud “Wow” – Dagmar Wöhrl (67) remarked appreciatively: “Looks great. You can tell that a designer was at work. “

Photo: Bernd-Michael Maurer / RTL

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Like the other “lions”, Carsten Maschmeyer marveled at the e-motorcycle – in the end, however, none of the investors took a bitePhoto: Bernd-Michael Maurer / RTL

But the e-motorcycle not only looks chic, it also weighs just 75 kilos with up to 40 hp and can achieve an impressive 130 km / h. The inventors had also thought of the digital features: “The customer doesn’t need a key and starts with his smartphone.”

With their vehicle they have already been to the “International CES”, the world’s largest high- tech trade fair in Las Vegas. What happened to them afterwards, René and Marcus would not have dreamed up:

Elon Musk’s (50) secretary called them because he wanted to buy their prototype.

Investor Carsten Maschmeyer (62) was surprised that the two of them still need capital at all: “Didn’t the Elon raise enough money?”

Yes – but the team of inventors didn’t want to give up their idea: “To be honest, we took a little courage and turned it down. Because we have a vision and really want to turn ‘Novus’ into the new, big mobility brand. And that he, the greatest inventor of the modern age, saw it immediately, confirms that. “

Nico Rosberg, however, had a completely different objection: “I’m a little offended because you went to the CES in Las Vegas and apparently not to the Greentech Festival in Berlin.”

But that’s exactly what the two of them had done: “Can’t you remember us? You stood next to our motorcycle for about two seconds. “

Elon Musk wollte den E-Roller sogar kaufen!Photo: AP

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Elon Musk even wanted to buy the e-motorcycle!Photo: AP

Rosberg was visibly embarrassed, he buried his face behind his hands: “You were there?” Ralf Dümmel (54) was delighted: “Nico, that won’t be cut out so that you know that!” Nevertheless, Nico took the machine again under the microscope and remarked appreciatively: “This is of course a dream. Insanity.”

But despite all the compliments, none of the lions made an offer – this was mainly due to the claims of the founders: They wanted 1.6 million euros for ten percent of the company. Dümmel got out first: “This is not my business, it doesn’t suit me.”

Judith Williams (50) would have loved to get on the “Novus 1” motorcycle and roar out of the studio – but still said no.

Nico Rosberg nimmt das E-Motorrad unter die LupePhoto: Bernd-Michael Maurer / RTL

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Nico Rosberg takes a close look at the e-motorcycle Photo: Bernd-Michael Maurer / RTL

“I’m sitting here looking at the device, and it’s the hottest device I’ve ever seen in the ‘Den of the Lions’. I have the feeling that when I sit on it, I’m Wonder Woman and Pamela Anderson rolled into one. But it’s not my business at all. ”

Rosberg simply did not want to loosen the amount called up: “You are of course mega. But it’s so capital-intensive. That’s a lot of money. Unfortunately I have to say that I’m getting out here today. “

A bitter setback for the motorcycle freaks – but maybe Elon Musk will call again …


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