The messenger, riding a motorcycle, turned to yell at the car behind him, didn’t look at the way, until he hit a lamppost, the other party parked and cursed repeatedly.

boil! The messenger died, riding a motorcycle, turning to yell at the car behind him, not looking at the way. crash on the pavement hit a power pole The parties came down to stand and scolded repeatedly. Claims to be slapped in the face

At 4 p.m. on June 22, Pol.Lt. Col. Narasak Wongpotha, Deputy Senator (Investigation), Rat Burana Police Station Received a report of a fatal motorcycle crash into an electric pole Pracha Uthit Road, Bang Mot Subdistrict, Thung Khru District, Bangkok, therefore went to check with a forensic doctor. Siriraj Hospital and Por Tek Tung Foundation Volunteer

The scene of the accident was a 2-lane road on Pracha Uthit Road on the inbound side, near Soi 49, near the Naluang intersection. Check the left lane, find a Yamaha motorcycle, airlock model 155 cc, green and black, collided with an electric pole. Found a long scratch on the edge of the footpath. Nearby, found the body of the car owner, known as Mr. Piyapong (reserves his last name), 47 years old, occupation of messenger as a driver. The state of lying on his back, breathing well. wearing a black polo shirt wearing jeans There was a wound on the left eyebrow that collapsed to the skull. Doctors rushed CPR to pump the heart before being unable to withstand the wound and died from a head hit with an electric pole. with blood stains and chipped marks on the phone holder The broken bike fell on the electric pole.

Investigate Mr Weerapat, 58, a good citizen who witnessed the incident. testified that before the accident he drove behind the car of the deceased saw that the deceased was driving with another motorcyclist There have been quarrels before. On the side of the deceased driving in the left lane, there was a curse against the car of the other party driving in the right lane. Then the side of the deceased turned to argue with the other party before the car lost control and crashed onto the edge of the footpath causing it to crash into an electric pole causing death.

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In addition, Good Samaritan can record a clip of the incident by finding that the parties A young man driving a motorcycle Honda Click brand, black color, registration number unknown. After the deceased fell The young man, the opposite party, got down from the car, stood and scolded the deceased lying in the middle of the road saying The deceased drove to look for him and said that he was driving a car in front of him. and also said, “Stupid, old does not belong to the old” without giving assistance to the deceased, just standing and watching.

Initially, the investigating officer Rat Burana Police Station Will check from CCTV to consider summoning the parties for further investigation and bring the body of the deceased to be sent to a forensic doctor at Siriraj Hospital for an autopsy before handing it over to relatives for further religious ceremonies

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