The Milky Way loses a lot of satellite galaxies

A new study reveals that the Milky Way contains significantly fewer galaxies in its orbit than previously thought.

A new investigation of the data collected by the Gaia space probe (Global Astrometric Interferometer for Astrophysics), has revealed that most of the galaxies are relatively new in the region, clarifying that they are too young to be orbiting the Milky Way.

According to reports, about 60 galaxies Smaller at a distance of up to 1.4 million light years has been identified in state data, however it is believed that there are many others hidden in the dark.

“We conclude that due to their unmatched high energies and angular moments, most of these dwarfs cannot be long-lived satellites, and if they could be attached to the Milky Way, they are in the first step, that is, they have fallen less than 2000 million years ”, the scientists affirm.

In addition, scientists have highlighted that most of the stellar groups that are supposed to be satellites of the Milky Way move much faster than the objects that orbit our galaxy.



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