The Netherlands as a narco-state? Watch the series about drugs here

Liquidations, mistaken murders, kidnappings and shelling. Almost every day in the Netherlands there is a violent incident that is in one way or another related to drugs. The use of drugs has normalized in the Netherlands, it is even a thriving industry with a turnover of billions. Scientists, aid workers, administrators and supervisors fear that the drug problem has become unmanageable.

That’s why talk news hour in a four-part series featuring concerned professionals. The normalization of drugs in the Netherlands is one of the major causes of drug crime, says professor Hans Boutellier, who has done a lot of research on this. “I think we need a big, social debate: what should we do with those drugs?”

Watch part one of this series here:

‘We are ready for a big, social debate’

In part two we walk with a local police officer and a criminal lawyer. They meet these young boys in their work and see how they seriously derail in the drug environment:

Young people are getting involved in drug crime at an increasingly younger age

In part three a conversation with Fred Westerbeke, police chief in Rotterdam:

Is drug policy still manageable?

Amsterdam mayor Femke Halsema has a plan to tackle the problems surrounding the drug industry and is a guest in the studio at the end of the series:

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