The new Kia Niro is here, it can switch to electricity in the green zones

Po recent trailer Kia has unveiled a new generation of crossover Niro to the world. However, those of us who are hungry for really detailed information and photos will have to wait again – in terms of technology, we only know that niro will be available as a hybrid, plug-in hybrid and electric car.

But back to what we know. The trailer did not lie, the front and rear lights showed quite accurately. The production niro is a noticeably more sober version of the Habaniro concept, which was unveiled in 2019. The C-pillar and plastic at the lower ends of the door have a different color than the rest of the body, and the boomerang-shaped rear lamps are a distinctive design element. However, this area should also affect the better aerodynamic properties of the body.

According to the press release, the car “embodies Kia’s commitment to developing a more sustainable future.” Niro is based on the principle of “Joy for Reason”, ie “Joy of Reason”, and wants to “balance an environmentally responsible approach and futuristic design.”

In the real world, these proclamations result, for example, in the driving mode for the so-called green zones, ie places where the car will only run on electricity if it is a hybrid or a plug-in hybrid. The changeover occurs automatically depending on whether the car is in an emission-free zone, for example in a residential area or close to schools or hospitals.

There are no such zones in the Czech Republic; It is not yet clear whether Kia will set them out for us. In any case, the driver will be able to create such zones for himself, for example around his home or workplace. We therefore assume that the navigation system will be standard.

Another result of the proclamations are recycled interior materials. The ceiling upholstery is made of recycled wallpaper and in the seats we find bio polyurethane and a fabric called Tencel, which was made of eucalyptus cellulose fibers.

The interior was partly inspired by the EV6 electric car, we see the same rotary selector of the transmission and also the touch control panel that hosts the air conditioning, and after switching the mode also the “buttons” for infotainment. The system looks different in the first pictures as in other Kia cars, so we can estimate, for example, its internet connection to download traffic data and updates.

The carmaker also talks about slim seats, which give the impression of spaciousness, but we can’t look at them in the poor photo gallery. However, what we already know is that the car is on display at the Seoul Motor Show until December 5 and that it should also be on the market in the Czech Republic from the beginning of next year.

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