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Canada: the Liberals of Justin Trudeau given the winners of the legislative elections. “After 36 days of party campaigning to get the votes of Canadians”, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s Liberal Party will win the early federal elections held on Monday, September 20 in Canada, according to the projections of CBC News when the polling stations close, but without achieving its objective of obtaining a parliamentary majority. In the evening, the Liberals were leading in 155 ridings. The Conservatives led in 122, the other seats being led by the Bloc Québécois (29), the NPD (29) and the Greens (2). “The new government will be the same as the old one, raises the chain. Despite the victory, the outcome will be disappointing for the Liberals, who were aiming for a majority government. ”

Lebanon crisis : Parliament places its trust in the new government. “After a meeting that lasted seven hours”, the Lebanese Parliament granted Monday, by 85 votes to 15, its confidence in the government of Nagib Mikati, formed ten days ago, report WORRYlaugh the day.“This new step should allow the new ministerial team to officially begin to implement its recovery program in Lebanon, hit for nearly two years by an unprecedented socio-economic and financial crisis, described by the World Bank as the one of the worst since the first half of the XIXth century ”, writes the daily.

In Tunisia, Saïed announces that a new head of government will be appointed but the exceptional measures will remain in place. Tunisian President Kaïs Saïed announced on Monday that the exceptional measures of July 25 would continue, while affirming that a head of government would soon be appointed and that a new electoral law would be drawn up, indicated Capitalist. The head of state was speaking from Sidi Bouzid, the cradle of the Tunisian revolution, where he was acclaimed by a crowd chanting: “The people want the dissolution of Parliament”, specifies the article. He “Tried to reassure citizens about the future of the country” after these exceptional measures, which its detractors qualify as “Rebellion”, saying there was nothing to worry about. “These measures, I took them to protect the nation”, he said.

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