The one and a half meters is back: ‘I hardly notice it’

On September 25, the time had come. After almost a year and a half of keeping our distance, we were allowed to let go of the one and a half meters. But that didn’t last very long: at the beginning of November, it was urgently advised to keep one and a half meters away.

And yesterday the cabinet announced that the one and a half meters as of today is even mandatory again.

Where does the one and a half meters apply?

The measure to keep 1.5 meters away does not apply to people who belong to one household. Also in places such as the cinema or the restaurant where the corona ticket has to be shown, keeping a distance is not mandatory.

The measure does not apply to higher and secondary vocational education, nor to sports and other hobbies where keeping a distance is not possible. In most cases, face masks are compulsory for contact professions such as hairdressing and driving lessons. In shops, distance must be kept and a mouth mask must be worn.

Shoulder to shoulder

It is still quiet in the Rijnstraat in Amsterdam. There is room enough for the one and a half meters, yet not everyone adheres to it. “We’re not doing it,” shout three construction workers when asked.

They have just bought a sandwich at the Albert Heijn and walk shoulder to shoulder back to the address where they are doing odd jobs. “It’s nonsense and we can’t always keep our distance when we’re working.”

Local resident Milou (26) also does not think that everyone will stick to the one and a half meters again. “You don’t notice it much on the street yet, and I don’t think a lot of people will do it,” she says.

Need a hug

“Maybe that people in fragile health will be a little more careful. And maybe this will make people pay more attention and it helps to create a little more awareness of the fact that we are in a pandemic.”

Whether she keeps one and a half meters away when she meets up with friends this weekend? “When I see my friends, I just give them a hug. I need that hug a lot, especially in these times, so I just do that.”

‘Why not?’

For hairdresser and entrepreneur Bobker (53) that hug is no longer necessary. “We used to do that for fun: that you gave regular customers a hug when they came in. But I really don’t need that anymore, just like shaking hands. If you just greet people nicely, that physical touch is nowhere to be found. necessary for.”

He says about the reintroduction of the one and a half meters: “Why not? If it helps, then it helps. We work with mouth caps anyway, both the customer and myself. And we keep our distance.”

He notes in his case that people are concerned about the increasing infections. “Older customers are especially afraid. They really want to be alone in the business, so with no other customer around. Preferably with the door locked. I understand, so I do it,” he says.

Vulnerable health

Neighbor Widjaj (57) is also seriously concerned about the increasing infections. “I live with my father, who is very old and has fragile health. I want to avoid infecting him. As a result, I don’t go out much, and when I go outside, I keep my distance and wear a mouth cap.”

He just went shopping. “I don’t notice much of that mandatory one and a half meters away, people don’t really notice it yet. They just don’t pay attention.”

A ‘bad thing’, according to Widjaj. “If others don’t keep a distance, I take a step back myself. It is a small effort to keep one and a half meters away. You protect yourself and others with it. We live in a pandemic, so you shouldn’t crisscross a store walk. Caution is advised now.”

‘Didn’t realize it was abolished’

American Annelle (40) also lives nearby. She just took her cat to the vet. “I actually didn’t realize that the one and a half meters had been abolished,” she says.

“Let alone that it applies again from today. But that is also because I still saw signs in many places with one and a half meters. Anyway, I think it is good that we should keep our distance again. I just did and do it myself. social distancing. With the increasing infections, that certainly can’t hurt at the moment.”

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