the real reason Jackson and Maggie’s relationship didn’t work out

Grey’s Anatomy brought Maggie Pierce and Jackson Avery together in its plot, even though they had nothing in common. The result was disastrous and fans still hate their relationship today. They also have their own theory as to why the court never worked.

Grey’s Anatomy fans can list by heart all the couples in the series and especially the one we hated the most. One of the best known for being a disaster in ABC drama is the one between Jackson Avery (Jesse Williams) and Maggie Pierce (Kelly McCreary).

Maggie and Jackson had a difunctional relationship on Grey’s Anatomy

As well as dashing any hopes we had of seeing Jackson getting back together with ex-wife April (Sarah Drew), we found Maggie and Jackson’s relationship boring as it brought out the worst in heir Avery. Yes, in this court Jackson proved himself to be selfish enough.

Additionally, Jackson and Maggie were step-siblings in the plot of Grey’s Anatomy, as his father, Richard Webber (James Pickens Jr.), had an established relationship with his mother, Katherine Avery (Debbie Williams), before Pierce does not arrive at the hospital.

However, the fact that bothers fans the most is that Jackson was too focused on his life to devote time to anyone else, and according to fans, he showed it not only with Maggie, but also in his other ephemeral and unstable relationships.

In the series, Jackson and Maggie were step-siblings

The truth is, whatever the reason, most fans rejoiced when the couple ended in the season 16 premiere of Grey’s Anatomy. In this episode, Jackson and Maggie both admitted that they never really loved each other and that they had nothing in common.

After breaking up with Jackson, Maggie finds happiness in the arms of Winston Ndugu (Anthony Hill), with whom she first maintains a long-distance relationship, then marries. Jackson, meanwhile, traveled to Boston with April and her daughter, to take control of the family-owned foundation.

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