the series “The game of the Lady” will not have a season 2

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The hit Netflix series “The Lady’s Game” will not have a second season. Even with two Emmy Awards in hand, for best miniseries and best director for a miniseries, its co-creator has announced that she will not know a sequel. But good news is still on the agenda.

Bad news for many fans of the series The Lady’s Game. After her immense success and her two Emmy Awards swept away on Sunday, her co-creator announced that the latter will not have a season 2. “I feel like we told the story we wanted to tell, and I am terrified that if we try to do more we are going to spoil what we have already done, “Scott Frank told Deadline during a virtual press conference after the ceremony.

A future collaboration

But behind this sad news for fans of the series, hides a better one. A future collaboration between Scott Frank and Anya Taylor-Joy, the main actress, is to be considered. “We will definitely continue to work together,” added William Horberg, executive producer of the series. A sentence approved by Taylor-Joy, who retorted: “Absolutely”.

The latter, whose career was propelled by her role as a chess champion, will soon be showing in Edgar Wright’s new film, Last Night in Soho. Le Lady’s game is the most watched series on Netflix, with 62 million householdss recorded by the platform.

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