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On the 17th, the reporter drove from downtown Shanghai to the Lingang New Area of ​​China (Shanghai) Pilot Free Trade Zone. On the Shanghai-Luzhou Expressway, he saw that compared with a month ago, there were significantly more container trucks coming from Yangshan Port. stand up. The vitality of this development hot spot in Lingang New Area is being reactivated.

Data show that in March and April, the average daily container throughput of Yangshan Port was 66,000 TEUs and 59,000 TEUs, respectively, 90% and 85% of the average in the first quarter. Lin Yisong, deputy director of the Special Comprehensive Bonded Area Division of the Lingang New Area Management Committee of the Shanghai Free Trade Zone, said that with the gradual increase in the number of enterprises resuming work and production in the Lingang New Area, the container throughput of Yangshan Port is expected to recover further in May.

The production capacity of enterprises has also continued to recover. Precision instrument manufacturer METTLER TOLEDO is headquartered in Switzerland, and the company has set up its Greater China headquarters in Lingang New Area. Ding Yunwei, operation director of METTLER TOLEDO Measurement Equipment (Shanghai) Co., Ltd., said that at the beginning of the current round of the epidemic, the production capacity of the company was only 10%. Production status, “The backlog of orders in the early stage is expected to be fully digested in the near future.”

With the improvement of the epidemic prevention and control situation, the Lingang New Area is led by leading enterprises, and the chain will lead more enterprises to resume production.

“The auto industry chain is long, and we will start the industry chain simultaneously with the resumption of work by leading vehicle companies.” Wu Xiaohua, deputy secretary of the Party Working Committee of the Lingang New Area, said that the Lingang New Area has linked all relevant departments in the urban area to help the leading enterprise Tesla , one by one, more than 100 upstream core suppliers will resume work synchronously, including the simultaneous unsealing of external warehouses.

Data shows that since Tesla resumed work and production on April 19, 10,000 complete vehicles have been offline as of April 30, without fully recovering.

To coordinate the epidemic prevention and production of enterprises, the Lingang New Area instructs enterprises to strictly implement closed production, hierarchical and zoning management, and block the spread of the epidemic. Enterprises are required to set up a special area for observation of returning personnel and materials before entering the factory area. Personnel are observed for two days and materials are observed for at least one day to minimize the risk of infection. At the same time, “antigen + nucleic acid” testing measures are strictly implemented for employees of enterprises that have resumed work.

The integrated circuit industry is one of the key industries in the development of Lingang New Area. At present, some key enterprises in this field have achieved full production. As one of the new energy vehicle chip suppliers, Shanghai Jita Semiconductor’s Lingang plant has entered a closed management production mode since March 15. Zhou Hua, acting general manager of Shanghai Jita Semiconductor Co., Ltd., said: “The protective measures in the Lingang factory area are in place, the factory area has maintained zero infection, and the operating rate has been maintained at 100%.”

As of May 16, 301 of the 315 designated enterprises in the Lingang New Area have resumed work and production, with a work resumption rate of 95.6%. Wu Xiaohua said that the Lingang New Area will continue to promote “site codes” and “digital sentinels”, and lay out normalized nucleic acid testing points. At the same time, efforts will be made in terms of capacity utilization rate, employee arrival rate, supply chain stability, logistics smoothness, etc. to restore the normal production order in the Lingang New Area as soon as possible.

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