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UNCERTAIN FUTURE: National team coach Ole Morten Iversen says he envisages that it will be enough when the contract expires after the season.

BEITOSTØLEN (VG) Both women’s coaches Ole Morten Iversen and Ola Vigen Hattestad, as well as men’s coaches Eirik Myhr Nossum and Arild Monsen’s contracts expire after the season.

– I have a contract that expires, and basically I think that will be enough. I’m starting to grow up well, Iversen says to VG ahead of this weekend’s national opening at Beitostølen.

The 62-year-old has been the Norwegian national team coach since 2018. He says the motivation is great, but that he is unsure if he is the right type.

– I get to feel a little forward about whether the women need a different type of coach. I do the job my way and I am confident that it works well, but Norwegian women’s cross-country skiing may need something new, says Iversen.

– There is no lack of desire, but whether it is right for Norwegian women’s cross-country skiing. I’m not sure.

– Is there anything you have received feedback on?

– Occasionally. I’m not the one who jumps and bounces the most. I’m probably better at staying calm and secure. Athletes who come forward today are used to a coach who is more enthusiastic in his demeanor and shouts louder. If the athletes feel they need someone who is more like that, it is clear they should get it, Iversen answers.

Musgrawe explains this:

He is on leave from Meråker upper secondary school, and says that he plans to continue working there after the national team time.

Helene Marie Fossesholm hopes that Iversen and partner Ola Vigen Hattestad will continue.

– I am very happy with both Ole Morten and Ola. It is not up to me to decide, but I believe and hope that they thrive on gathering. I feel I have developed a lot in classic this year, and Ole Morten should have a large part of that credit, says Fossesholm.

Here he deliberately cheats:

The men’s coaches Nossum (all-round national team) and Monsen (sprint national team) are also on outgoing agreements. Both say they are motivated to continue towards the WC in Trondheim in 2025.

– I am very motivated to continue. I have a good dialogue with Espen on this. I also have a good dialogue at home, which is very important, says Nossum.

– I thrive at work and want to be involved. We talk together. For everyone, it is important to get a final clarification before it becomes spring, says Monsen.

WILL CONTINUE: Arild Monsen and Eirik Myhr Nossum. Here from NM at Konnerud in 2020.

Cross-country manager Espen Bjervig says he has a dialogue with all four coaches.

– There is a relationship between employer and employee. There is nothing to discuss in the media, but we have a dialogue with everyone. They all have good results, says Bjervig.

– When can you expect a clarification?

– We will take it when it is finished. The contracts run until May and we are in no hurry, Bjervig answers.

Young boy with a trip to Sundby:

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