The SpaceX capsule with the first amateur astronauts has landed on Earth

Belonging to firmy SpaceX the Crew Dragon capsule, on which the new astronauts were traveling, landed in the waters of the ocean at July 1, Polish time, almost exactly after a three-day journey. – Welcome to Earth. Your mission has shown that space is for everyone, announced the SpaceX flight controller, welcoming the four new astronauts.

“It was a great ride,” replied Chief of Mission, billionaire and stunt pilot Jared Isaacman. He funded a three-day mission and purchased seats on board for the three remaining members, doctor Hayley Arceneaux, geologist Sian Proctor, and computer scientist Chris Sembroski. According to Time magazine, he spent $ 200 million on this.

It was the first orbit flight without professional NASA astronauts or other space agencies. The declared goal by Isaacman was to raise $ 200 million from donors for research at St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital in Memphis, Tennessee. The facility deals with, among others research on the treatment of cancer in children.

During the three-day journey, mission members orbited the Earth at an altitude of almost 600 km, above the orbit of the International Space Station. They circled the Earth dozens of times.

Inspiration 4 is SpaceX’s debut in the field of space tourism and this year’s third – after Virgin Galactic and Blue Origin – trip to the cosmos of billionaires. More flights have already been booked.

SpaceX’s ambitions go even further – Musk wants to send a private flight into orbit around the Moon in the coming years. For this, it will be necessary to complete work on the Starship ship, which is ultimately also to be used in manned flights to Mars.

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In addition to SpaceX, two other private flights are planned for this year The International Space Station (ISS) – in October, a Russian team will fly there to make a feature film, and in December, Japanese billionaire Yusaku Maezawa will depart using the Soyuz rocket.


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