The spells of the first stage of the King Mindaugas Cup were drawn

This year, for the first time since 2017-2018. Only Betsafe-LKL teams will compete in the Citadele KMT tournament of the season. 4-10 places in 2020-2021 The teams that won the Betsafe-LKL season and Jonava’s CBet, which has received a license to participate in the championship this season, will be divided into two baskets and fights to reach the quarterfinals.

Before drawing lots, the teams were divided into two baskets. There were four Betsafe-LKL teams in the 1st basket, 2020-2021. season 4-7, in the 2nd basket in 2020-2021. occupied 8-10 places in the season. Jonava’s CBet team, the debutant of the championship, is also included in this basket.

Group A:

Jonava CBet
Prienai “Hello GAS”
Kėdainiai “Nevėžis-Optibet”
Klaipeda “Neptune”

Group B:

Pasvalys “Milk Stars”
Alytus “Dzūkija”
Utena Uniclub Casino-Juventus

In these groups, teams will play a two-wheel system (one match at home and one away). Teams with 1-2 places in each group will advance to Stage III.

The teams in the 3rd place in the groups will play two matches with each other (one match at home, the other away) and the team with the better difference between the points scored and missed in both matches will advance to Stage III.

The first duel of the Citadele KMT stage is scheduled to start in 2021. September 28-30

Group duels will be broadcast live on the portal

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