The state evaluates financial guarantees for 1 billion to help the former Ilva

Check on the redundancy fund

The Minister of Labor, Andrea Orlando, on the other hand, announces the sending of the National Labor Inspectorate to Taranto for a check on the redundancy fund. «We gave the layoffs on the basis of the investments that were indicated in the request. We are required to verify the realization of the investments also with a presence on the premises of the National Labor Inspectorate », says Orlando. “It will also be the condition for verifying issues from which I cannot escape – notes Orlando -. I cannot turn away from the fact that there is a diametrically opposite representation with respect to the question of workers’ safety conditions “.

Orlando: Industrial relations worry

At a next step, Orlando argued, “we should have a photograph of the reports from the National Labor Inspectorate. I believe this could be the basis for the restart of a confrontation ». For the Minister of Labor, «the element that may not worry is the state of industrial relations. It is not that there is an ecological transition of this nature with the current condition of industrial relations ”.

Fim Cisl: The government will reconvene us by the summer break

«The government has guaranteed us to reconvene by the summer break to verify that the company’s financial crisis is addressed. The Government cannot go to the majority but must help the company to have that credit to make investments and increase production ”, comments Roberto Benaglia, general secretary of Fim Cisl. “Minister Orlando – he adds – has assured us that he will check the shock absorbers because it is not possible that this company, with an exploding steel market, is increasing the number of cassintegrati”.

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Fiom Cgil: Finance is useful, but it is not enough

“The company told us that finance is needed to run the business normally and the government replied that it would be available to intervene on issues concerning finance,” said Michele De Palma, general secretary of Fiom CGIL. «We have said – continues De Palma – that finance is useful but not enough. Finance serves with elements of guarantee for the employment of workers on the one hand, health on the other, and also for investments of an environmental nature ».

Uilm: production will not reach 6 million tons

Finally, for Rocco Palombella, Uilm general secretary, at the summit at the Mise «two opposing positions emerged, ours and that of Acciaierie d’Italia. For the company, the problem is only financial, while we have highlighted all the problems related to the safety of the plants, the layoffs of over 5 thousand workers, the drama experienced by workers in extraordinary administration and those in procurement, the production that at this rate it will never reach the 6 million tons per year necessary for the sustainability of the company “.

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