The theft of an NFT is endangering the new series of actor Seth Green

The voice of Jeff Moreau in Mass Effect announced White Horse Tavern, a comedy with a ‘Bored Ape’ as the protagonist.

Seth Green is an actor with a huge career behind him, currently popular for giving voice to Chris Griffin in Family Guy, he has been a co-creator, producer and writer of the Robot Chicken series and played the Aviation Lieutenant Jeff ‘Joker’ Moreau in the legendary Mass Effect trilogy. The actor and producer has proven to be a blockchain enthusiast, so much so that he was preparing a comedy series with NFT characters.

Green showed a trailer for his comedy, White Horse Tavernat the NFT conference VeeConwhere we could see its protagonist, the ‘Bored Ape Yacht Club #8398‘. However, Green had several NFTs stolen this month, having been the victim of in the phishing scamas reported by BuzzFeed News, messing up his plans for his new series.

When the scammer took over the actor’s NFT collection, this lost the commercial rights of the animated protagonist, a Bored Ape named Fred Simian. After the theft, both the image and the exploitation rights now belong to another person. “I bought that ape in July 2021 and spent the last few months developing and exploiting the intellectual property to make it the star of this series,” Green explained in an interview with entrepreneur and cryptocurrency enthusiast Gary Vaynerchuk.

Seth Green has lost the rights to the protagonist of his new seriesHowever, days before its world debut, Fred was “literally kidnapped”Green confessed. The scammer sold the Bored Ape to a collector known as DarkWing84, who bought it for over $200,000, then transfer it to a collection called GBE_Vault. This could cause serious problems for Seth Green, having lost ownership of the protagonist of his new series, which now belongs to the new owner of the NFT. Green seems to be aware of the problems that the new owner of the NFT could cause him, and has been tweeting DarkWing84 to try to fix it.

Eric Goldman, a professor of intellectual property law and technology at Santa Clara University, noted in the BuzzFeed News article that bona fide purchasers are often legally protected, but in the case of purchasers of stolen NFTs, the blockchain and your owner’s record could make it difficult for buyers to plead ignorance. Currently, there are still many companies interested in including NFT in their video games, despite the great drop they have been suffering in the last month.

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