the United States, these unbeatable champions

Posted the 09/19/2021 10:48 PM

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With family or friends, barbecue is elevated to the rank of great American custom. A discipline of which the United States are probably the champions.

Today at the Miller’s in Virginia is barbecue day. A friendly moment for David Miller. In a large house or in a smaller apartment, the barbecue has become an essential investment and a very serious tradition for all Americans.

Of IT’SUnited States, the barbecue is not only a convivial moment but a discipline, with its stars, its reality TV shows and its contests. Competitions where the first prize can be a gigantic barbecue capable of cooking 5,000 kilos of meat at the same time. A culinary tradition which has the right to its festival. Once a year in Chicago, thousands of people stop by the many festival stands: pulled beef, ribs, nachos… It’s all there. Today the barbecue meat market represents nearly a billion euros in the United States.


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