The urgent signings that Valencia must close, but now

He Valencia must close of immediate form a series of signings which are little less than essential to be able to compete in decent conditions. And I refuse to continue lowering the level of demand, because no one is asking to win the League, but of course, not to have a hard time against whatever team it is, because that is what is not happening. We cannot argue that the base is bad, because it is not, but the differential cannot be inexperienced kids, because that is a complement, but full-fledged guys, with bare asses from competing, and that they contribute to the team what they want. lack.

That is evident, we do not have to give it much more lapses. If there are a series of headlines, you lack that, without more. And if there have been five, you must bring five. A right back is basic, because Correia can be a good substitute, but Wass is a medium. Two centrals is something urgent, indispensable, nothing short of embarrassing, because Mangala is not there, Guillamón is still green, and Diakhaby is the fourth, not the second or the third (and it is not that bad, far from it).

A typical defensive midfielder, a 6, and a guy who gives criteria to the ball, a brain, is that they don’t directly have each other, because Kondogbia, Esquerdo or Racic are many things, but not that. If these soccer players came, we could “get by” with everything else, because with a strong and armed spine, the others will be better just because of inertia. But without that we are what we are seeing, and although it hurts in the soul, we cannot be more.



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