There were unexpected problems with electric cars

The great expansion of electric cars may be hampered by a small complication. This is because there are cases when the vehicle’s battery causes a fire.

Electric cars have been very busy lately. Almost every carmaker now has a high financial cost to develop these vehicles of the future. Although these electric cars are due in the near future very widespread, in addition to the advantages also have their disadvantages. Recently, there have been several car fires caused by electric car batteries. This finding could subsequently lead to certain prohibitions or restrictions.

Faulty batteries are to blame

General Motors is responsible for the panic caused by possible electric vehicle fires. According to the available information, it installed in Chevrolet Bolt EV and EUV defective batteries, which subsequently caused a fire. Until LG Energy and LG Chem find the exact cause of the fire, current production will be completely suspended. According to current information, there is a risk of spontaneous combustion when the battery is discharged.

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The reactions did not take long

These cases of fire soon received negative reactions. One parking lot in San Francisco, which until then had been very conducive to electric cars, now banned them from entering its territory. On this parking areas in the state of California are prohibited directly Chevrolet Bolt vehicles. The problem with these vehicles does not only apply to the new models, but to all of these types in general, because even older cars have heavily stressed batteries.

The error may be misused

In the United States alone, the problem affects more than 100,000 cars. Their owners are in a very complicated situation. However, the Chevrolet Bolt has prescribed some recommendations for battery operation, which not everyone follows. This may result in a battery fire. The battery supplier General Motors has not yet come up with any solution that would safely solve the whole situation. So far, he has only said that the raw materials needed to make batteries will only be used on old models.

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The problem is that the battery is ignited

The whole cause of fires is already theoretically known. They were caused by batteries in which lithium dendrite had accumulated, which got into the liquid electrolyte and started a fire. This process is quite proportional significant complication in the whole electrification of vehicles, because the same problem could occur with almost all electric cars. All of them are powered by batteries, where there is a certain risk that the same or similar situation will occur, which will turn into a fire in the whole vehicle.

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