These are the new emojis for iOS and Android, see what they are

Unicode announced on social networks the official launch of the version of the coding standard of the new emojis that will arrive for iOS and Android.

Within this new update there are more than 37 emojis with 75 color variations of leather to use those that most represent the user.

Among the funniest emojis is that of lip biting, a low battery, a crutch, an ogre and a spilling glass of water.

As for conventional emojis, there is a face melting, another with watery eyes and one more with a little hand on the forehead as a sign of “to the order”.

There is also that of a pregnant man to better represent transgender people and other emojis with hands forming a heart or intertwined.

The emojis will arrive in early 2022. Photo: Unicode.

So far the date of when these new emojis will arrive to operating systems is not known, but everything indicates that it will be early next year.

What are emojis?

According to the Unicode platform, emojis are pictographs used in digital media such as social networks that represent things, emotions, feelings, situations, places or activities, they are usually shown in the form of cartoons and used as part of a text.

The word emoji comes from Japanese image and writing, each he has a name short and each emoji character also has a formal name, which must be unique, and distinctive words are sometimes included in the name to maintain that uniqueness.

An emoji is made from character encoding responsibility of the Unicode platform, each pictogram is represented as a graphic or by normal glyphs encoded in fonts as other characters, which is why they are called “emoji characters”.

The emojis are divided by categories such as: food and drinks, animals, sports, flags, emotions and plants.


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