They released a video of the drone attack carried out by the CJNG in Tepalcatepec

They captured on video the moment a drone launches explosives at people in Michoacán.

As part of his offensive against United Cartels in Tierra Caliente, the Jalisco New Generation Cartel (CJNG) continues with attacks carried out through drones in rural areas of the municipality of TepalcatepecMichoacán, a place where similar attacks had previously been recorded.

Through videos broadcast on social networksit was possible to see how an aerial vehicle dropped explosives on trucks that were transporting alleged members of the Tepalcatepec Community Policeas a caption written in the video uploaded to Only Tok.

In the video recorded by the same drone it was possible to see how explosives fall from several meters highwhich detonate on a dirt road in which various pick-up trucks were transporting dozens of people, who immediately began their flight from the place.

The vans began to move even when several of their occupants were still outside the vehicles, who they ran to try to take refuge in the vehicles before the detonations. The drone followed the convoy of civilians for several meters and continued to launch explosives at them, at the same time recording what happened on video.

(Photo: Cuartoscuro)

In the second video, it was possible to observe the moment in which an explosive launched by the drone exploded over a camp protected only by a couple of black tents, of which two men were ejected by the force of the detonationwhich caused the spread of white smoke in the place.

Last January, a couple of similar attacks were recorded in the towns of El Bejuco and La Romera, belonging to the municipality of Tepalcatepecfor which the four-letter cartel was also blamed.

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According to what was reported by authorities, the aerial device launched C4 explosives thanks to a handcrafted mechanism installed by members of the CJNGwho attacked alleged rivals to try to expel them from the place.

Drones have become one of the preferred tools of the CJNG to attack their rivals from a distance, as federal authorities have reported that the launch of explosives by unmanned aerial vehicles is increasingly common in the region of Tierra Caliente in Michoacan.

(Photo: Twitter/@SSeguridad_Mich)
(Photo: Twitter/@SSeguridad_Mich)

The CJNG also uses mines to eliminate their rivals, which they make by hand and place on dirt roads, where they can hardly be detected with the naked eye.

These devices were installed on various dirt roads in Aguililla, Michoacanmunicipality to which the Secretary of National Defense (Sedena) deployed hundreds of elements of the Mexican Army to retake control of the entity in which the leader of the CJNG, Nemesio Oseguera Cervantes, was born The Mencho.

The deployment of agents has been denounced by the CJNG as a strategy in favor of their rivals, the United Cartels, who would have benefited from the incursion of the federal authorities in the fight for territory.

One of the plaza bosses identified as Bald admitted that the forced displacement caused by the drug war have helped their allies so that, hand in hand with media coverage, the government obtains the necessary pressure to act on the spot.

“The truth is that all this has done us a great favor”answered the enemy of the so-called cartel of the four letters about the benefit he receives with operational interventions, whose purposes should guarantee security and combat those of one group and another.

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