They spied on iPhone owners. Apple is taking them to court

Through the lawsuit, the American company wants to ensure that the NSO Group will not be able to use any Apple technologies. This basically means that if the lawsuit were successful, the company’s employees would not be able to legally use any delicious apple logo devices or software.

“The lawsuit is intended to send a clear signal that Apple will not allow its users to suffer such abuse,” said Heather Grenier, Apple’s business dispute director. According to her, by creating the Pegasus tool, the NSO Group violated Apple’s terms of service.

Pegasus spy software is not intended for regular users, with it the NSO Group targets governments that will gain remote access to microphones, cameras and other data on iPhones. However, it can also be used on devices with competing Android, so it does not focus exclusively on the iOS platform.

The software is designed to be able to attack phones without requiring any action on the part of the user. In addition, it leaves no traces in the infected device. Thus, its detection is not easy at all, even in retrospect.

Security experts have previously warned that Pegasus is being abused practically around the world to infiltrate the phones of human rights activists, journalists, but also members of the Catholic clergy.

That’s why the US Department of Commerce recently blacklisted NSO Group. As a result, the company has limited access to US technology and investment.

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