they steal card data by pretending to be operators

Two men were sued for staging a telephone scam against a young man. Here’s how they tricked him

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Scams of all kinds are on the agenda. In the technological age, where everything is digitized and computerized, these scams even seem to increase, since identifying the criminals who operate behind the screens in an autonomous and uncontrolled way is complicated.

This time the misfortune happened to a young man from 23 years of the province of Caserta, who thought he had received a phone call from the postal operators. But no, in reality these phantom employees turned out to be two scammers.

Specifically, it is a 28enne of Cagliari and a 36enne coming from Mali but resident in Caserta. The two were sued as perpetrators of improper use of payment and distribution cards abusive of access codes.

Phone scam: how they acted and how much the two rogues have collected

How did the scam? The victim said he received a phone call in December from a Poste Italiane “operator” via a telephone number. Then the proposal, or the enabling of the BancoPosta to online purchases and transactions. Without suspicion and without malice, the boy decided to accept, communicating to the criminal the personal data and codes, useful for the shady operation.

The two scoundrels they had planned everything down to the smallest detail, so much so that they also had the “care” to reassure the boy about the feasibility of the operation. For the success, however, a period of 24 hours would have been necessary, during which his paper it would have been out of order.

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So far no doubt. But the alarm was triggered by a real phone call from Poste Italiane to request the authorization of a bank transfer already issued by 3.745 euro. The unfortunate, incredulous, thus blocked the operation and told the military about the incident.

Unfortunately, the thugs had also initiated other operations. Two postal orders of € 425 and € 478 respectively in favor of a man and a woman, plus a PostePay top-up of € 150.

Give her investigations it turned out that the telephone number belonged to non-EU citizens, while the card where the Cagliari’s money was credited.

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As a meager consolation to the victim, the charge of the 425 euros was not successful. The message that must transpire, however, is clear: never trust these phone calls and always doubt all the emails we receive requesting you to enter your personal data, they could be attempts to phishing!

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