They warn that sellers of quotas for vaccines against covid-19 will be “prosecuted”

A man who is identified as a doctor and a police officer in Jinotepe warned this Sunday afternoon to a group of people who were queuing to apply the covid-19 vaccine on Monday, that those who come to take places and then they sell those positions to other residents, they will be prosecuted, as reflected in a video that circulates on social networks.

“They are telling me that here they are taking care of places to sell them for 300, 600, thousand pesos …”, says the doctor in the video, who is interrupted by a woman who denies the information, claiming that they are all family.

The doctor, who was accompanied by the police officer, continued saying: “We are going to come at dawn to give the numbers. Everyone already knows who they are going after, we don’t want a fuss in the morning … Whoever sells places is going to be prosecuted, the Police have already said so ”.

It is observed how tempers are tense and the doctor is interrupted by the residents, who insisted that there were only groups of families looking for their positions to get vaccinated and that a man who was at work was being taken care of.

For her part, the police agent indicated: “They will be prosecuted (those who sell places), in the same way the people who are disturbing the order. Everything with a lot of order and with a lot of respect ”. And he also proceeded to indicate that they should remove the vehicles parked on the sidewalk in front of the vaccination post, since it is a health center where a clear road is required for the entry of ambulances and Ministry of Health vehicles.

The video was recorded on Sunday, September 19, 2020 in one of the vaccination posts that will be activated this Monday in Jinotepe.


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