They were alone in the lockdown and started drinking, the surgery is not enough for a rush of addicts now

“The number of relationship problems between partners has increased, it is not easy to be together in the same household for so long, there have been more people with anxieties, and in the long run there are more people who have addiction problems. People who were excessive consumers of alcohol or pills before the covid are gradually moving into a phase of severe addiction, “Martin Vlček, an addictologist and head of the Center for Psychosomatic Medicine in Prague, told Novinka.

Among them is Petra, who has always suffered from anxiety about her appearance. However, when anxiety and depression arose due to long-term job insecurity, she succumbed to anorexia nervosa and alcohol. “I did not lose my job in the end, but one is quite affected by the uncertainty about what will happen next. Isolation from society is also very important, one starts thinking more about oneself, “Petra described.

Help came in at five-twelve

Fortunately, it was one of the few that was provided immediately. “I think I managed to do it at the last minute, because at this time the capacities are very limited,” adds Petra, who has been attending therapies for a year and a half. She says that she feels much better today and is not afraid of another possible lockdown, because she already knows what to do in such a situation.

It is in the Center for Psychosomatic Medicine that patients can take part in many types of therapies, including group or movement therapies, which are praised not only by Petra, but also by other clients. Martin Vlček claims that physical therapy and the provision of comprehensive care can have a significant impact on patient well-being. Pavel, who is being treated for alcohol addiction at the center, says that thanks to movement therapies, he will stop “thinking nonsense and being able to relax.”

People need the help of psychologists and psychiatrists.

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If he wasn’t covid …

Like Peter, Paul had a lot of free time due to isolation, which he increasingly began to fill with alcohol. He decided on treatment the moment he realized he didn’t remember the day’s events. The care of experts also came to him quite quickly, thanks to acquaintances who told him about the Center. After less than a year, he feels fantastic and feels good about himself.

“If the covid didn’t exist, everything could have been different. As everything was closed, one could not go anywhere, so he was at home alone, so he reached for alcohol …, “he says reluctantly.

He only waited a month for help

Oliver has long been treated for the hard drug addiction he reached for when abdominal pain medication no longer helped. He was first treated in Dobřany, but then resigned from treatment. After a while, he wanted to continue treatment, but due to the coronavirus pandemic, it was much harder to get help because all the hospitals or surgeries were full.

“It took me a month to find a free hospital,” adds Oliver, who has been an abstinent for a year. Like other patients, he enjoys physical movement-related therapies the most.

The addictologist sees the problem in the lack of staff.

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Lack of personnel

The head of the center, Martin Vlček, draws attention to the shortcomings in the provision of care to patients with mental illnesses. He himself works as an addictologist. According to him, despite the ongoing reform of psychiatric care, only a minimum of patients receive treatment outside the residential facility. He fears the most that even if the reform in the facilities is successful, another problem will arise – there will not be enough staff to care for patients.

“This is what burns us the most, today we have around 2,500,000 patients in care, we currently run thirteen addictology groups, but unfortunately there are few psychiatrists, psychologists, facilities that provide comprehensive care,” he comments on the difficult situation.

According to Vlček, a negative consequence of the pandemic is also that there is currently little regard for other diseases, of which there are many. Once this time has passed, there will come a time when things will be needed that are now neglected. And it will be challenging.

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