This is how Bartosz Obuchowicz has changed. What is the star of “For better or for worse” doing today?

“The fate of my life meant that I became an actor, but still, deep down, I’m a rascal from Warsaw’s Mokotów district, who loves sports and spends every free moment actively – riding a bicycle, skateboarding, snowboarding, playing basketball or running” – recalled the actor in one of the interviews. Not all his fans know that he attended dancing and singing classes in his youth. It was then that he decided to tie his life with the stage. Initially, he was thinking about a career … in dancing.

His mother enrolled him in the Tintilo song and dance ensemble. It was with this band that he began appearing on television. He played his first major role in the TV theater play “Chłopcy z Plac Bron”. He was then 13 years old. He later began appearing in commercials and smaller television and film roles. In 1996 he starred in Krzysztof Zanussi’s “Cwał”. This performance brought him an award for the best child role at the Polish Film Festival in Gdynia.

Six years later he was awarded at the same festival for his role in the film “Stacja” by Piotr Wereśniak. It was then that he came to the conclusion that he wanted to become involved in acting permanently. “I made the decision to be an actor only after my role in” The Station “by Piotr Wereśniak. Before that, I treated the game as fun, he admitted years later in an interview with Polish Radio.

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Viewers loved it thanks to “For Good and For Bad”. In the already cult series, he played the rebellious Tomek Burski. He appeared in TVP production until 2011. Although he has played in other films and series all the time, no other role has brought him similar popularity.

He has been involved in acting since he was a child, he decided not to study the profession. He chose psychology, which he eventually gave up as well. “Older friends persuaded me not to go to acting school, because it could lead to unnecessary manners. And then I was already interested in looking into people’s heads. In my second year, I realized that it was not for me, but that what I have learned, it is very useful to me in my life “- he explained in the Radio Four.

He had the opportunity to present his dancing skills during the fifth edition of the “Dancing with the Stars” program. Kinga Jurecka accompanied him on the dance floor. The couple finally danced fourth place. Later, Bartosz Obuchowicz began to slowly disappear from show business. He continued to play, but appeared less and less at industry events.

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Bartosz Obuchowicz is a very family man. For years he has been associated with the psychologist Katarzyna Sobczyńska, with whom he has three daughters: Marianna, Marcelina and Michalina. In conversations with the media, he repeatedly emphasized that the father’s role is the most important in life. “Today, young people postpone the decision to start a family, and time is against them. I had fun too, but it comes time to settle down. The children do not disturb me in anything, although racing has taken a back seat. I do not have so much free time anymore. this is an expensive sport. Now, even though I am tired, I like to talk to my children for a moment, kiss them goodnight, and comfort the youngest, sing a lullaby to sleep “,” Viva “recalls the actor’s words.

Apart from the family, physical activity is important for the actor. Recently, he took part in the “Run for New Life” campaign, which aims to support the idea of ​​transplantation. The run took place in Warsaw, at the Museum of King Jan III’s Palace. People who do not follow Obuchowicz’s professional activities may have been surprised by his appearance. The actor is no longer a teenager from “For Good or For Bad”. However, looking at him, it is hard to believe that in a few months he will be 40 years old.

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