THIS IS THAT. Self-tests are flying out the door, but how should you…

According to the pharmacists, the demand for self-tests has increased sharply. But how should you use them? This short video explains it in great detail.


Wednesday 24 November 2021 at 15:57

The number of new infections in our country is currently very high, which means that taking a self-test can be a useful tool to prevent the spread of the virus. The Consultation Committee decided last week that anyone who wants to take off their mouth masks in nightlife must first take a negative self-test.

Self-tests are especially suitable for detecting higher viral loads and thus tell who is more contagious. “In the first place, you detect the super-scatters with it,” says microbiologist Herman Goossens (UAntwerp). “The reliability is 80 percent if the test is done correctly.”

It can also sometimes be difficult to read the lines on the test, making it unclear whether someone is positive or negative. The ambient temperature also has an influence: if it is too hot, the sensitivity decreases. If you have been infected very recently, the self-test will be difficult to detect as well.

So the message is that anyone who has taken a negative self-test should still remain cautious.

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