This is the easiest way to apply sunscreen on your makeup without ruining it.


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We all want to enjoy a sunny day, be it in the pool, beach, river or just walking in the park, so we hope to see ourselves beautiful and made up, but How to use sunscreen without damaging makeup?

On Nueva Mujer we bring you the solution to this great dilemma that overwhelms us every day.

These are the most used methods to be beautiful and made up regardless of the intensity of the rayos UV.

Special makeup with built-in sunscreen

how to use the makeup concealer

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how to use the makeup concealer

Let’s start with the easiest and most obvious option, the world of cosmetics has advanced so much that they have already implemented formulas so that your makeup includes protection against UV rays with a protection factor of 30 to 50 SPF.

Foundations, powders, blushes and much more skin products have been created to protect your face at all times.

Only in the absence of using a moisturizer and cleaning your face very well at the end of each day.

There is a great diversity of prices and products for all skins on the market.

In this way we can get rid once and for all of that fear of using sunscreen at the risk of ruining your makeup.

Spray sunscreen


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Sunscreen manufacturers have also heard our prayers, for There are aerosol presentations that totally facilitate the application of this product. without ruining our makeup.

Something as simple as pressing the spray at a safe distance is enough for our skin to be completely protected from harmful UV rays.

In their different presentations they show various levels of protection, so that people can choose the protection factor they prefer.

Application of sunscreen on top of our makeup

If you are one of those who prefer cream products, applying sunscreen with makeup is not impossible and you have these options.

The first is use a makeup sponge to apply the sunscreen in small doses and apply it in delicate touches on our skin.

After applying the necessary layers to have the ideal protection, you can apply your makeup.

This allows you to touch up both your makeup and sunscreen, when requiredyes, without this forming annoying rolls on the skin.

So you can enjoy your day to day without fear of losing your look.

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