This new LG 8K TV costs almost two million euros

A home theater screen

When it comes to enjoying a cinema experience, the best option is still mainly the use of a 4K projector. Because, despite the drop in price of large-inch televisions, comparatively they are still much cheaper and easily allow reaching 100 or 120 inches.

However, it seems that for LG the use of projectors is not ideal and since they are dedicated to making televisions they have thought why not make a monstrosity of screens thanks to your tecnología DVLED (Direct View LED). This is based on LEDs that are capable of working independently for all those that make up the panel to achieve an image with a resolution of up to 8K. Similar to microLED, but not exactly the same.

That is, it would be something very similar to what they have already been offering in their proposals for advertising banners and also to what other brands such as Samsung offer with their The Wall or Sony with the Crystal LED line. Only here the striking thing is that you can reach monstrous diagonals.

And it is that this new line of LG DVLED screen would be available in 108-inch starting size and up to 325-inch for the larger proposal. Of course, for that latest model you will have to have a free wall of practically 9 meters in diagonal at least and also enough money to be able to pay for them. Because, according to some speculation, this screen could have a price of 2 million dollars practically.

LG DVLED, features

This LG proposal is yet to come and, as the brand has done on other occasions, right now it is just a preview of something they are working on. So in the absence of other details and characteristics, the most important data about them are:

  • Paneles Direct View LED
  • Diagonal between 108 and 325 inches
  • Support for 2K and 8K resolutions
  • 16: 9 aspect ratio and 32: 9 option thanks to its own modularity
  • Smart TV webOS platform

Depending on the diagonal, the resolution may vary. For example, according to the chart shared by LG, between 107 and 196 inches the models would have 2K resolution, between 163 and 393 inches would reach 4K and the 325-inch model would have 8K.

As you can see, at the level of performance they are very similar to those of other televisions for the current consumer user. The difference is in the panel technology, but little else.

Who are the LG DVLED screens for

Taking into account that the model with the largest screen diagonal could cost close to two million euros, who would buy a screen of this type? Well, practically the same people as other options such as LG’s rolling TV, Samsung’s The Wall, etc.

The user who has the economic capacity to pay for this type of television will be the target LG is targeting. Also because having money to buy it assumes that you have also had money to live in a house large enough to fit it in.

However, the idea behind these televisions is none other than replace higher-end projectors. By avoiding screen and other inconveniences that all these suffer, being able to have a screen that is practically that of a cinema is attractive. What’s more, the 325-inch model would be close to many screens installed in cinemas, although far from the largest ones that tend to be around 500 inches.

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