This Woman Is Partying 6 Days In A Row, Her 1-Year-Old Son Dies Of Starvation Page all

LONDON, – A woman in England had the heart to leave her baby to starve to death while she partyed for six straight days.

Verphy Kudi was caught on CCTV leaving her one-year-old daughter in the apartment while she attended a birthday party.

In the December 2019 incident, Kudi was found to have attended parties in London, Coventry and Solihull for six days.

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One day in the middle of her party, the 19-year-old woman cried because she missed her child, and admitted that she was not used to being apart.

When he finally returned to his apartment, he found the one-year-old unmoving and immediately called the emergency number.

“Please my baby won’t wake up,” Kudi said on the phone. He was immediately rushed to the Royal Alexandria Children’s Hospital in Brighton.

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However, he was declared dead on the way. Forensic examination showed the victim suffered from dehydration and starvation.

He also had the flu. Even sadly, he doesn’t even have the energy to cry, reported The Sun Friday (17/9/2021).

A pre-trial review will be held to determine whether the trial will focus on the fact that the one-year-old’s death could have been prevented.

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An inspection was also carried out to determine what the real conditions were like, with assistance provided to Kudi by the city council.

Assistant Coroner Karen Henderson explained their concern was how Kudi looked after her baby.

“There’s a fact that he once left her. This checkup is to find out what the treatment is like,” Henderson said.

Before the last case, Kudi was known to have left the victim six times, including 2.5 days while celebrating his birthday in London.

The young mother was jailed for nine years in August after she pleaded guilty to premeditated murder.

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party man

CCTV footage released when Kudi was officially sentenced, shows him partying at a nightclub on December 8, 2019, three days after leaving his son.

The court found out that Kudi lied to his friend, saying his son was being looked after by his mother.

When he returned to his apartment, he waited in the trash for three hours before calling 911.

The paramedics who came found the victim’s condition was cold, immobile, and without any vital signs.

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Kudi argued that his son was not feeling well all day, and fell asleep after eating bananas and drinking milk.

But the story changed after police showed surveillance camera footage, showing the mother leaving the victim on December 5 and only returning six days later.

At the time of his death, Kudi was living in the Brighton and Hove government-run youth family welfare program.


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