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In many cities in Lower Saxony, people took to the streets again on Monday against corona policy and protective measures. There were also counter-demonstrations, the authorities said.

In Wolfsburg, for example, around 680 people wanted to take part in an unregistered meeting, according to the police. According to their own statements, the officials initiated 49 administrative offense proceedings due to violations of the city’s general decree. One person was temporarily taken into custody. There were also two criminal charges. At the same time, around 200 people gathered in front of the town hall to commemorate those who died in the corona pandemic. The meeting was duly reported. The participants behaved cooperatively and complied with the applicable measures, the police said.

Dozens of violations of the assembly law

Critics of the Corona measures also came together in Göttingen, Oldenburg, Celle and in the Verden district. According to the police, in many places the meetings were not registered as a gathering. In many cases, the officials assessed the actions as gatherings and found dozens of administrative offenses due to the lack of FFP2 masks and distance rules under the Assembly and Infection Protection Act. In Delmenhorst, according to the police, a participant in the protest drove a car towards several officers, who then jumped to the side to save themselves. Recently there had been an increase in violent riots.

Counter-demos: 600 people form a chain around the town hall in Delmenhorst

The protest against the protest is growing: in Wolfsburg, people remembered the victims of the corona pandemic.

Meanwhile, the protest against the protest seems to be growing. In Delmenhorst, 600 people formed a chain around the Delmenhorst town hall against anti-democratic ideas, the police said. In Braunschweig, where around 300 counter-demonstrators had gathered, a participant used pepper spray, according to the police. Several people were injured, including a police officer. According to information from the NDR in Lower Saxony, around 350 people took to the streets in the north-west of the country to get vaccinated. In Oldenburg, 300 people protested against the anti-corona protests. In Bad Nenndorf (Schaumburg district) the action alliance “Bad Nenndorf ist motley” has for the entire year Demonstrations are always registered on Mondays. Around 2,500 people gathered in Hanover on Friday for a vigil and called for solidarity, cohesion and democracy.

Interior Minister Pistorius criticizes meetings again

From the point of view of Lower Saxony’s Interior Minister Boris Pistorius (SPD), criticism of corona measures is not the goal of the Monday meetings. Many participants want to attack democracy. “There is talk of a dictatorship and fascists, there is talk of violence and conspiracies,” said Pistorius of the “New Osnabrück newspaper“. This makes it clear “that many of those who take to the streets are not actually concerned with the Corona measures, but rather with contempt and denigration of the state and democracy”. The rule of law will therefore be very careful and ” intervene wherever necessary”.

Further information

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