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Another big announcement from THQ Nordic is Outcast 2 – A New Beginning. From the index in the title, it’s easy to guess that this is a continuation of the original Outcast.

The first part was released back in 1999, but managed to leave a mark in the heart of video game fans thanks to an interesting plot and good graphics according to the criteria of the late nineties.

Outcast 2

Software rendering was based on raycasting technology and had a high appetite for CPU power. The game was played in full on the latest Pentium III with a frequency of 500-600 MHz and a RAM capacity of 128 MB, which was a top-end machine at that time.

Going back to Outcast 2, the game is currently in development. Interestingly, and even surprisingly, THQ Nordic was able to reassemble the key staff of the Appeal studio who released the first part twenty years ago.

Outcast 2

The main character of Outcast 2 remains Cutter Slade – a soldier of the US armed forces sent on an expedition through a black hole to the parallel world of Adelph. As a result, Cutter Slade, after the events of the first part, makes an attempt to return to Earth, but ends up in the near future of the same world of Adelph.

The developers promise the key mechanics of a jetpack for traveling across an open world of tens of square kilometers, ample opportunities for creating unique weapons, a non-linear plot, a deep study of local Talan humanoids with the ability to study alien magic, a soundtrack by Outcast composer Lenny Moore and more.


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