THQ Nordic shows its might with an impressive number of games in development

The Austrian company celebrated its 10th anniversary yesterday with big announcements and the promise of new games.

THQ Nordic celebrated its 10th anniversary yesterday with an event in which a lot of interesting announcements were presented, with the crazy and funny remake of Destroy All Humans 2 or the return of one of the greats sandbox classics of action, Outcast 2, of which we could see its first trailer after more than 20 years since the launch of the Appeal classic.

42 games in development, 28 unannounced after the eventThe Austrian company already made it clear throughout the event that has ambitious plans for the future loaded with new launches, but at the end of the 10th Anniversary Showcase we had one more surprise. THQ Nordic announced that they had 42 games in development, of which 28 would still be unannounced after the event.

The list of properties of the company is really extensiveWith these figures, THQ Nordic ranks as one of the largest companies in the industry. Yesterday many announcements of the most successful franchises of the company were presented today, with a new installment of ELEX, the RPG of the authors of the Gothic saga, however the company’s property list is really extensive.

This allows us dream of the return of great sagas that were lost to time, but in the meantime, the THQ Nordic seems to be doing its homework with a good amount of new titles in development and bringing great sagas like Jagged Alliance back to life, surprising us with the announcement and trailer for their new installment, Jagged Alliance 3.

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