Tim Cook wants to “move forward” after Epic Games’ ruling as we wonder how the App Store will change

Tim Cook had one of those meetings with his entire staff at Apple Park, a All Hands as they say. In it, the CEO of the company has commented on the judgment of the trial that he has had against Epic Games, which has ended up being favorable in 9 of the 10 points in dispute: according to him the intention now is to “advance” to put the incident behind me.

Follow the question of how we are going to see those third-party payments

This is part of what Tim Cook has told his employees, according to sources at The Verge:

“If you remember and remember the intentions of the App Store, it was created to be a safe place for users to explore and discover their applications. Epic came along and basically wanted to be treated in a special way, but our policy is that everyone The world should be treated the same. They repeatedly ask us to treat them differently, we answer no, and they sue us on 10 different points. The court has ruled nine of those points in our favor and one in favor of Epic. And most importantly: it has been ruled that Apple is not a monopoly as we have always known. Apple is in the middle of a fiercely competitive market “

Tim does not omit that they have lost one of the ten disputed points in the trial, although he does not comment on too many details of the consequences. And in the meantime everyone we keep wondering how the application interface is going to change or from the App Store itself when developers can promote their external payment methods in their programs.

Sometimes the simplest ends up being what is fulfilled. Perhaps, in applications like Netflix and Spotify we will see the subscription button integrated with Apple and a simple text linking to external payment methods under that button. The ruling orders linking to these payment methods but does not detail how, and the App Store can play with that by detailing in its rules that it must be a discreet link.

The store will have to find a balance. If the link is simple enough, users will end up ignoring the official payment method as it is usually more expensive and then Apple would have to lower its commissions. If the link is too hidden and the alternative payments interface is too complicated (asking for credit card numbers from a mobile interface is usually very lazy), users will end up ignoring those links.

At the moment experts like Mark Gurman affirm that whatever happens this sentence shouldn’t affect Apple’s total revenue by more than 1%. We will see what reaction the public has when those links are a reality, it should not take too long until that happens.

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