“Time is not marked by the clock but by the mental state of people”

Along with Jordi Matas, Ildefons Alonso, Dani Comas and Artur Tort, El Petit de Cal Eril, which Joan Pons describes as a “collective”, takes a step further in his already well-established career with NSCALH, a published album again from the hand of the Bisbal root label Bankrobber, in which they sing about the need to learn to live life without being on the clock.

Do we give too much importance at the end of the stories?

That depends a lot on everyone. Everyone has their point of view, but I really like people who know how to live the present and enjoy every moment. And that means you can’t always be aware of where you’re going to end up or the meaning of existence.

Is it inevitable that the reflections that have been generated in this pandemic will be reflected in his lyrics?

In the end it is not uncommon to have experienced a confinement, a word I had hardly even heard before the pandemic. This era meant a change in the day to day, knowing at the same time that there are a lot of people having a bad time. It has been a socially turbulent situation and that affects us all. However, when I make music I don’t look for inspiration today, although it’s inevitable that what’s going on around you will end up leaking in some way, either consciously or unconsciously.

The song Every day the sun rises do you want to send a positive message or talk more about the routine?

This is the only ending in history that every day you know is safe. The sun rises and sets every day, at least so throughout our entire existence. The rest of the things that happen during the day are no longer up to us.

He is surprised to hear the record run into Non tornerai. How did you come up with a song in Italian?

No hi ha molta diferència entre com escric una cançó en català, en castellà o en italià. It was something totally spontaneous. From one sentence I was building the whole letter. The only difference was when we reflected on whether this issue really fit the record or not. When you write a song you do an act of unconsciousness, when you have already recorded it is when you put consciousness into it. We ended up deciding that it was fun and enriching and that in the end it fit very well.

NSCALH barely lasts 20 minutes, almost like punk rock albums. Don’t like singing more than you like?

We had more songs, but the time we had was not unlimited and we ended up recording these nine songs. There were already very short topics and we tried to lengthen some of them, but we realized it didn’t work. So we took it as an added value. They’re short songs, but we release an album every year and a half and it’s actually very relative that of whether an album is short or long.

They didn’t want to get heavy …

What we didn’t want was for the disc to get too long in any case. Time is not marked by the clock but by the mental state of people or nature. Understanding time so mathematically is boring and unreal. The album talks precisely about time and another way of conceiving and living.

With Ferran Palau they invented “metaphysical pop” … do they still defend this label?

We have never defended it or attacked it. It’s a genre that doesn’t exist and that’s why we invented it, because it’s easy to explain what music we make. It was the way to find a location within the current music universe, but we never tried to do metaphysical pop. It doesn’t exist and it’s hard for us to believe it.

Can we say that Joan Pons is the Petit de Cal Eril … or is the Petit de Cal Eril something else?

Joan Pons is the spokesperson for El Petit de Cal Eril, which is the group. I dedicate myself to more specific parts, but if I were alone, the project would not be what it is, and vice versa. We are a group of people who are dedicated to carrying out this project.

What currently inspires you when it comes to composing?

I’m inspired by musicians and people in general who do real things and who put excitement into what they do. I find them every day, be it a baker, a gardener or a musician of any style. I do not focus so much on its artistic or stylistic aspect but rather on the vital proposal. And inside there are millions and millions of people who inspire or influence me.


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