To avoid its harm.. this is the perfect time to drink coffee

Coffee always raises controversy, especially among its lovers, and there is always discussion about the optimal number of cups of coffee each day, and which quantity is beneficial for health, and to what extent coffee becomes a health hazard. Coffee lovers have many questions. Here we will focus on the most appropriate and optimal time to drink coffee.

Russian nutritionist Irina Lizon said that drinking coffee in the morning will not harm health if it is drunk with or after food, according to what was reported by Russian media, warning against drinking coffee on an empty stomach.

Different types of coffee

And the doctor explained, explaining that coffee “stimulates the production of hydrochloric acid. If you drink coffee on an empty stomach, the stomach will begin to produce juice to digest food, but there is no food in it. And in people who suffer from digestive problems, and people who are prone to increased acidity of the stomach, especially with Gastritis, this can lead to pain, discomfort and heartburn.



The doctor indicated that drinking coffee during the day should not become a substitute for dinner either, as this drink does not contain the nutrients that a person needs, but it can be a good snack.

She added, “Coffee can be an option for snacks, if you choose, for example, between it and a loaf of bread. We will reduce hunger and our body will receive fat. But the main meal must be balanced and contain vitamins, fats, carbohydrates and proteins.”

She stressed that there are people who consider coffee for them as refreshing, but people who suffer from difficulty or stress during the day should not drink coffee in the evening.

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And she continued, “Coffee has a stimulating effect, so it is not recommended to drink it three to four hours before bed. For anxious people who suffer from sleep disorders, coffee is only the morning option for them.”


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