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Tongxu County Financial Work Bureau organizes publicity activities to prevent illegal fundraising


Author: Zhao Hu

Release time: 2022-06-24 08:18:03

Kaifeng Net News All media reporter Zhao Hu reported June isguard againstIllegal Fundraising Awareness Month. For days,Tongxu County Financial Work Bureau takes the leadAllied townships and financial institutionsorganized and carried out“Hold the purseTake care of a happy home“Themed campaign to prevent illegal fundraising.

All townships and financial institutions actively participate in the streets, communities, villages, bank outlets, etc.Carry out promotional activitiesThis promotion has a total ofSet up publicity consultation points20to distribute promotional materials1000Remainsharebroadcast explanation30More than once, put up publicity notices50Yu Zhangusing each unitLED scrolling play propaganda slogans, etc., and moreThe characteristics and forms of illegal fund-raising and the harm of illegal fund-raising activities are publicized from all directions and from multiple angles.Focusing on the elderly group, combined with the current activities to combat and rectify pension fraud, remind them toMaintain a high degree of vigilance in “health care products”, “investment and wealth management”, and report problems in time to protect their “money bags”.

this timejointThe publicity activities have a wide audience, the publicity effect is good, and the number of audiences is expected to reach20000 people.Tongxu CountyFinancial Work BureauThe person in charge said,passthis timePublicity work to further raise awareness will continue to be carried out in depthPrevent illegal fundraisingPropaganda as normal work.At the same time, it is necessary to pay attention to monitoringReporting and investigation of early warning and illegal fund-raising clues“Fight early and fight small”, control illegal fund-raising from the source, in order to ensure the safety of the people’s property, maintainShouldThe county’s financial sector is safe and stable to create a good social environment.

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