Top 14: corrected by Toulon, Stade Français drags its penalty

A beautiful tribute, before a sad debacle. For this christening of the Christophe Dominici Trophy in the wake of a minute of applause imbued with emotion in memory of the former missing winger, the Stade Français sank (38-5) on the lawn of Toulon on Sunday evening. Oh, there is a progression. After taking 36 against Racing 92 for the start of the championship and then leaving with a correction to 37 points from Bordeaux, Paris completed its third outing of the season with 38 units in the gums. All of this condemns the Parisian team to last place in the Top 14 with zero points on the clock and a worrying backdrop. And we’re nice.

Not helped by the absence of the wounded like Gabrillagues or Naivalu or of the sick like Alo-Emile or Veianu, the club of the capital has shown on the roadstead everything that makes it currently in this position of red lantern: a offensive play weighed down by clumsiness, and a borrowed defense, as on the first two Toulon trials of Isa (16th) and Parisse (27th), when it is not pierced in three minutes on two other line crossings in the Var (45th , 48th) or even disorganized on the last test of the RCT with the siren (80th).

At this rate, it’s direction of ProD2

If Loïc Godener made it possible to avoid too much humiliation with his try (58th), the mines closed on the sidelines at the end of the match illustrate the disarray of the barrages of last season. There is already an emergency, and the improvement will be hoped for on Saturday in Jean-Bouin. It will be against Castres, one of the last two undefeated teams. Another cause for concern for this Stade Français.

“We miss almost everything we do. The only good balls that we have in attack, we lose them or we make forwards, deplores the rear Kylan Hamdaoui at the microphone of Canal +. Of course there is concern, the way is complicated. we took three jerks in three games. “

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