Tottenham and San Lorenzo, united by the same curse on Twitter


Both clubs were related on social networks for having spoken before the account and today having a bad present.


Harry Kane and Nestor Ortigoza (Photos: Getty)

The “mufa”, as it is known here in Argentina, is called to the subjects who have or bring bad luck as a consequence of their actions. On this occasion, the colloquial term is added the phrase “he who laughs last, laughs best” linked to two clubs separated by more than 11 thousand kilometers: San Lorenzo and Tottenham.

The case of the Raven continues to be viral on social networks. After beating Boca’s youth in La Bombonera, the Cyclone Twitter account posted an image of the Professional League standings with San Lorenzo at the top. “A little kiss. And to sleep peacefully”, wrote the CM on the third date of the championship. From that tweet, San Lorenzo won a single match of 8, with 4 losses, 3 draws and a change of coach included.

What links Boedo’s men to Tottenham? Exactly the same action. The Portuguese account of the Spurs published, also on the third day, the table of the Premier League with the London team in the first position. After the posting, Nuno Espírito Santo’s team did not win a match again: 0-3 vs. Crystal Palace, 2-2 vs. Rennes and today was thrashed by Chelsea 3-0 in their own stadium. Will the other CMs learn the lesson?

San Lorenzo’s first tweet:

Tottenham used the same format:


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