Towards virtually zero paper at the sterilization of Lariboisière hospital

(By Sylvie LAPOSTOLLE, at the SF2S congress)

LYON, September 20, 2021 (TecHopital) – The sterilization unit of the Lariboisière hospital (Paris, AP-HP) is committed to zero paper as part of the “New Lariboisière” project, reported the team on September 15 at the congress of the French Society of Sterilization Sciences (SF2S), in Lyon.

“In 2025, the ‘Nouveau Lariboisière’ will see the light of day and in order to modernize and optimize the physical space, management has asked us to operate in zero paper. This is also part of an eco-responsible approach desired by our unit “, explained Charlotte Devant, pharmacy intern at AP-HP who did her first semester in sterilization at Lariboisière hospital.

This requirement requires a new organization. The team carried out an inventory of its paper consumption and defined a two-year action plan.

The first step consisted in carrying out a listing and counting of the papers, knowing that the unit uses the Optim * business software and the S @ tis * software for supervision. Then, paperless alternatives were sought. Finally, the feasibility in terms of deadlines and financial cost was studied.

A total of 14,835 sheets per month were counted. The step that consumes the most paper is washing with 48% of consumption (i.e. 7,000 per month), then 18% for packaging (2,682), 19% for the sterilization step (2,895), 14% for the distribution

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