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A couple of parents had to pay $4,255, equivalent to more than 16 million pesos, to the Kidsland toy store in Mong Kok, China, last Sunday, May 22.

According to the store, his 5-year-old son broke a statue of a golden Teletubby that was in the store. The events, which were recorded on video, quickly became viral on social networks, so many Internet users gave their opinion about what happened.

Some Twitter users claimed that it was not the child’s fault, since the statue was located in the middle of the store, a place where it was easy for someone to trip.

A spokesman for Kidsland International Holdings Limited apologized for the inconvenience caused to the family and reiterated that the money had been returned to the Chengs.

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What was it that happened?

According to the Chinese media ‘Hong Kong free press’, Mr. Cheng, the boy’s father, had turned around to take a call when he heard the loud bang behind him and He looked at his son standing next to the 1.8 meter figure that had broken as it fell.

Even though the store staff claimed to have seen the boy kicking the doll, a video from the store’s security cameras showed the 5-year-old reclining slightly in the Teletubby seconds before it fell, for which several Internet users accused the store of having colluded so that the Cheng family had to pay for the damage.

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Since the child’s parents had already paid for the inconvenience before seeing the video, they had to complain to the store several times before they got a refund.

The infant’s father told local media that his son was traumatized by the incident and that he asked him several times a day why the doll looked so unpleasant.

The toy store’s answer

Kidsland posted a statement on its Facebook page in the early hours of Tuesday, May 24, according to the Chinese media, explaining that the doll had been in the same place since last November and that this “It had not caused any inconvenience to customers.”

In addition, they added that the company “would learn from this experience to prevent similar incidents from happening again.” The post was deleted hours later.

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In an interview with ‘HK01’, the manager of the toy store admitted that the store had not taken enough precautions and that they had proceeded to remove all the toys over a meter high that were in the establishment.

Albert Luk, a Chinese lawyer, told ‘Headline Daily’ that Hong Kong’s age of criminal responsibility is 10, so the company should not have sought compensation from the minor or his parents.

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