Transport company Xwift donates 1,000 euros to all who new … (Nazareth)

Nazareth –

If you know someone with a C or CE driving license, you have a chance to earn 1,000 euros. Xwift, a transport company from Nazareth, gives that premium to anyone who provides them with a new driver. The drivers themselves receive a signing premium of no less than 2,000 euros.

“To meet the needs of our more than 2,600 customers, we are looking for 25 new drivers,” Xwift said in a press release. But finding those drivers is not so easy. “Truck driver has been a bottleneck profession for some time and since this summer things are going faster than ever. The transport sector is over-questioned today and there is a strong war for talent in progress.”

And so Xwift has to “push the accelerator a little harder”. Anyone who can bring in a new driver – “it doesn’t matter who you are” – can earn 1,000 euros. “If you have someone in your circle of acquaintances who has a C or CE driving license and you know that he or she is looking for another employer, report it via our website.”

If Xwift your acquaintance recruits the driver, you will receive 500 euros as the introducer in the first week after start-up and another 500 euros if the contract is extended after three months. The driver himself receives a signing premium of 2,000 euros.

“I am willing to go far in our search for reliable and loyal drivers,” says CEO Pieter Denys. “Today we are missing a lot of potential because we cannot use our truck capacity enough. We see potential growth going up in smoke. I therefore want to invest more than ever in people who want to help us build Xwift’s growth. We do everything we can to make our people happy.”

The rules at a glance:

1. Only drivers C/CE with a valid driver’s license are eligible.

2. The driver comes for a job interview and if the outcome is positive, a start date is agreed.

3. Knowledge of the Dutch language is a must.

4. You will receive 500 euros in the first week after the start of the full-time contract and another 500 euros when the contract is extended after 3 months.

5. You will receive a 281.5 form for your tax return (keep in mind that you will pay 33 percent tax).

6. The driver in question receives a gross signing premium of 2,000 euros (paid in 3 installments from the first contract renewal).

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